40 Best Office Design Ideas & Trends 2020

By: edm

Are you looking to improve the appearance of your office? Do you want to transform it into a better place to work? If so, you’re going to love all these juicy office design ideas. You can give us a call if you are thinking for office refurbishment.

Check out these 40+ retro and modern office design features to make your workspace rock!

  • Add a funky clock

funky clock

Adding a funky clock to your office can make all the difference in the world. You can use it to provide inspirational messages throughout the day. Who doesn’t want a bit of a lift during the post-lunch “graveyard” hour?

  • Add lamps and replace overheat lights

lamps in office

Overhead lights are standard in office decor, but they’re not exactly relaxing. Typical fluorescent lights are harsh and can lead to stress. Providing desk lamps can make all the difference in the world, totally changing the vibe of your workspace.

  • Create a warm entryway

entry way

Having a warm entryway is critical for making any office welcoming. First impressions matter, right?

  • Add Bonsai trees

bonsai treesAdding Bonsai trees anywhere you can in your office is one of those cool office ideas you just can’t wait to try. These mini trees, popular in Asia, can survive indoors and look great to boot.

  • Keep desks private

office desk

A lot of offices today work around the open office concept – an idea that took off around twenty years ago. Since its introduction, however, there’s been a bit of a backlash. Now many managers believe that individual desks are the way to go. Take a hybrid approach by placing workstations adjacent to each other in a way that ensures that each person has some level of privacy.

  • Add a whiteboard


Adding a whiteboard is one of the best small work office design ideas, especially for startups. Here you and your team can jot down ideas as soon as they pop into your head.

  • Add colour accents to parts of your office

colours office

Adding colour accents wherever you can is an excellent way to increase visual interest as well as create an environment that reflects your brand.

  • Put photos of your team on the wall

add photos to wall

Hanging pictures of your team on the wall isn’t just a great way to dress your walls; it also helps team members feel a sense of membership and belonging. Try it today and see what a difference it can make.

  • Make a drinks station.

Your team works incredibly hard throughout the day. For that reason, they need a watering hole where they can recharge their batteries and plough through the rest of their work. Adding a drinks station stocked with coffee, tea and biscuits is a great way to do this.

  • Add some new furniture

office furniture

If you’re running short of home office design ideas, then why not try adding some funky furniture? Remember, you don’t have to stick with boring corporate styles if you don’t want to. How you dress your office is entirely up to you.

  • Place pictures of your loved ones on your desk

Work is tough. For this reason, many people need a little extra motivation to succeed. Having photos of family members right in front of you is a reminder of why you work so hard.

  • Place calendars in communal areas

Putting calendars up in around your office allows colleagues to keep track of important dates and add their own events, should the need arise.

  • Create an inspirational screensaver/desktop wallpaper

desktop wallpaper

Having an inspirational screensaver for desktop wallpaper can help get you in the right frame of mind for maximum productivity.

  • Always have fresh fruit to hand

A lot of offices offer a cake trolley — bad idea. Junk food makes people sick. Try adding a giant fruit bowl instead, offering free food to any employee who wants it.

  • Stop filing away your reports in dull folders

office files

Most offices file away their documents and reports in ugly boxes that do nothing to improve interior design. Why not try experimenting with multi-coloured folders instead?

  • Add a fresh scent

The way your office smells can make a massive difference to how colleagues feel. Try adding herbal fragrances like lavender and chamomile that help people to relax.

  • Remove clutter from your desk

office cleaning

Having a cluttered desk stresses your unconscious and reduces your ability to focus exclusively on the task at hand. Tidy it up before your work suffers!

  • Take advantage of attractive views

office view

If you’re lucky enough to have an office with beautiful views, then take advantage of them. Create vistas that you and your employees can enjoy.

  • Place flowers on every desk

Not only do flowers smell great, but they also add a pop of colour to your interiors too, helping to create a playful atmosphere. It’s a small touch, but one your colleagues are bound to appreciate.

  • Make your bins more attractive

office bins

Offices tend to generate a lot of rubbish, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for boring corporate bins. There is now a range of chrome and steel waste receptacles available that take waste management design to the next level.

  • Put healthy snacks on display

Putting healthy snacks on display while hiding junk food is one of the most important office space ideas out there. Here, you encourage employees to make healthy food choices while discouraging them from indulging in junk food like chocolate bars and crisps.

  • Create a feature wall

Adding a feature wall to your office allows you to add a little artistic style to your interior space, helping to lift the mood of your entire team. Adding feature walls is easy – you can either paint a wall, add tiles or even cover it in artwork.

  • Make more use of natural light

natural light

Research suggests that natural light is better for workers because it syncs with their circadian rhythm. As light levels change throughout the day, it chimes with their inner clock, helping them to feel more active and fresh.

  • Install rolling furniture

Your or your colleagues may not want to sit in the same location for weeks on end. Sometimes, you need to rearrange your desks according to the needs of the team. Rolling furniture on wheels makes this easy.

  • Add some vintage charm

There’s no reason for home office decor to be boring. Adding some vintage pieces can help transform a room, instantly making it more interesting.

  • Use bamboo accents

Bamboo is one of the trendiest sustainable materials right now, thanks to its versatility and rapid growth. Offices use it for everything, from flooring to light shades.

  • Conceal clutter with curtains

If your office is packed to the rafters with files and folders, consider concealing them with curtains to soften the room and help it feel less formal.

  • Go with a black colour theme

If you want a moody, sexy office, then choose a black colour theme. Paint the walls dark and add black leather seating and lacquer-finished desks and accessories.

  • Put mirrors in communal areas

Mirrors are a great tool that allows you to create the illusion of size, even if your office is a little cramped.

  • Place oversized artwork on the wall

The office is the perfect place to experiment with bold art choices. Try placing pieces of art on the wall that reflects your brand and inspires creativity.

  • Put your company’s mission statement above the front door

Your company’s mission statement tells your employees what they’re working towards. Making it visible is a reminder of why they’re working so hard.

  • Let local artists add features

Businesses are always talking about the importance of going local. Allowing artists from the local area to create works of art for your office is a great way to encourage involvement and keep money in the community.

  • Make your brand colours a part of the design

Many successful businesses decorate their offices in their brand colours – great for impressing customers and putting colleagues in the right frame of mind.

  • Create lounge spaces

Employees not only need a place where they can work, but also one where they can relax too. Having lounge spaces with comfy seating can help here enormously.

  • Apply feng shui principles

Feng shui interiors can help you and your colleagues feel more relaxed, creative and energized.

  • Put pot plants everywhere

Placing pot plants around your office helps to make it feel less austere and more welcoming.
Use rugs to delineate spaces. Rugs let you delineate areas, subtly telling people how to use different segments of office space.

  • Embrace your free spirit

Going Bohemian in your office is a great way of embracing your free spirit. Many companies like to do this by allowing colleagues to add items that have special meaning for them. It can be a photograph, a pot plant or even a work of art.

  • Replace dull office chairs

There’s no reason why your business has to make do with drab, boring office chairs. Try adding a range of gold-chrome finish chairs with beautiful coloured upholstery to create a radically different effect.

  • Add a slide and a ball pool

Some of the most progressive offices in the world have slides and ball pits. The idea isn’t to turn the office environment into a children’s play area but to make it a fun place to work. Try it yourself.

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