Kitchenettes / Tea Points.

Kitchenettes / Tea Points.

Work doesn’t have to be very stressful and intense at all times. You should be able to take a break once in a while in a location within your workplace. Kitchenettes are the perfect place for relaxation and socialising within the office premises, and we can design and produce the furniture you would be using in this space.

Sapphire Refurbishments has several years of expertise in converting the idea that our customers have on what their kitchenette is to look like to reality. We provide a relaxing and serene environment that people can use to take a break from work. We offer hard-wearing surfaces made from the best quality of surface finishes available.

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Sapphire Refurbishments is passionate about providing quality services and satisfying our clients in every project. We pay special attention to detail, which is expected from any company that has many years of expertise under its belt.

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