School Refurbishment Kent.

School Refurbishment Kent.

Besides the quality of teaching received in schools, the physical structure of the building has a significant role in making the learning process exciting and compelling.

Primary schools, colleges, and universities should be refurbished in a timeless manner that is on par with contemporary school designs.

The physical structure of a school has been proven to affect students' and teachers' behaviour toward learning and teaching. It enhances students' academic performance and improves their overall well-being and happiness.

Why should you consider a school refurbishment?

  • To create a friendly and comfortable environment for teaching and learning
  • Refurbishing the school improves parents' perception and creates a good impression on potential parents and the community.
  • A change of scenery for staff and students creates a better working and learning environment.
  • With school partitions, you can make extra desk room and less noise in study areas.
  • School toilet refurbishment promotes hygiene for students and teachers.
School Refurbishments Kent
Classroom refurbishment in Kent

Classroom design is vital to inspire students to learn. A bright and vibrant room can make pupils eager to learn and improve general happiness in the school environment.

Our classroom refurbishment Kent helps to create a classroom design that fits the student as the layout and design of the room makes it easier for teachers to teach. For primary, college, or universities, the classroom must be designed to provide comfort, meet the needs of students and teachers, be visually appealing, and be friendly and adaptable.

School hall refurbishment Kent

The school hall is where large gatherings are held. This includes assemblies, meetings, school programs, etc. School hall refurbishment helps renovate the hall to be more functional, safe, and adaptable.

Our team will paint the walls to fit the theme of your school. We also consider the layout, seating capacity, furniture type, ventilation, flooring, the height of the ceiling, and lighting needs of your hall when refurbishing. Sufficient lighting and cross ventilation are needed in halls, and the floor design would be chosen to suit the hall layout adequately.

School toilet refurbishment Kent

School toilet refurbishment Kent helps renovate your school washroom and toilets to meet the expected hygiene standards. A healthy environment will improve the well-being of students and ensure their safety.

Refurbishing the school toilet involves renovating the washroom, changing room, toilet cubicles, and the toilet itself, providing all equipment for proper hygiene, and lighting dark areas. The toilet is one of the school's most utilized and sensitive areas; hence, it must be regularly refurbished to promote safety for pupils and teachers.

Previous projects.

Sapphire Refurbishment has completed several professional services in different schools. Here are some of our works

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Revamping your school environment affects learning and the behaviour of students. It provides a comfortable and friendly environment for students and teachers, inspiring learning and improving general happiness.

For parents and potential parents, it creates the perfect visual appeal needed to attract them. In simpler terms, an up-to-standard school building is one of your school's most significant selling points.

Whether you desire complete renovation or to carry out renovation on some areas of your school building, you can trust our highly-skilled workers to provide the best quality services. Contact Sapphire Refurbishments for a free quote for your school refurbishment Kent project.

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