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Suspended ceilings, also known as dropped ceilings or false ceilings, are by far the most popular choice of ceiling for commercial and industrial properties.

A suspended ceiling is normally constructed as a plasterboard concealed framed system which adds a secondary layer below the existing ceiling, covering up any unsightly brickwork, pipes or cables. They are also chosen for the way they suppress noise, offer greater insulation and can be fitted in a range of buildings including office space refurbishment, schools, retail shop fitting and hospitals.

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Suspended Ceiling Installations in Kent.

At Sapphire Refurbishments, we pride ourselves on being the leading suspended ceiling installers with unmatched customer service. We have a vast selection of tiles and materials to choose from to help you create your perfect suspended ceiling that blends seamlessly with your office design. We can develop them in a range of colours to both impress and serve your needs.

We're renowned suspended ceiling contractors who are able to fit a wide range of suspended ceilings including all of the most popular types such as plasterboard ceilings, spring-tee, lay in and metal pan systems across Kent and the South East region.

We take the time to talk about your needs, ceiling design and budget before we get started, do a free survey, and then provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation afterward. We do everything we can to keep our costs low, and we are always honest with our estimates and pricing - for us, this is how you should conduct business.

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Benefits of Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings offer numerous advantages, particularly in a busy office or workplace. After a new ceiling installation you can enjoy:

Improved lighting

As a result, the lighting of a space has an impact on how it feels to be in it and what you can accomplish. Ceiling tiles are manufactured out of a reflective material, making them easy to combine with other lighting systems.

Better acoustics

Suspended ceiling tiles can be used to create a peaceful environment that is designed for concentration. This minimizes distractions in the workplace and allows you to get down to business without being disturbed by others.

Sleek, minimalist design

One of the most popular features of suspended ceilings is that you can hide pipes, air con systems, wiring and other services while still being able to access them when needed. They provide an instant appearance upgrade with their smooth look and simple appeal.

Increased fire protection

The suspended ceiling tiles we sell are made of materials that help protect your ceiling and room from fire. Different buildings have different standards for fire protection, but we can supply any grade you need.

More efficient insulation

By adding another layer of insulation in the form of a suspended ceiling, you can trap heat inside your office and prevent it from escaping.


If you're looking to get a suspended ceiling without spending too much money, then we can help you out. We'll go over your requirements and figure out an installation plan that meets your budget.

Impact resistant

Ceilings that are suspended are strong and able to resist a lot of force before breaking. This is ideal in case something falls or is dropped by accident.

Moisture resistance

Rooms accumulate mould when the warm air rises and reacts with the cool surface of the ceiling, but suspended ceilings are designed to be moisture resistant. This prevents wet areas and dampness.

Another advantage of false ceilings is that you can add an air conditioning system during installation for better air flow and ventilation.

Completely bespoke designs for your project.

The installation of suspended ceilings is our speciality and we can work to any ceiling design, in any environment and supply you with everything you need.

Sapphire Refurbishments are some of the most sought after suspended ceiling contractors in Kent and the South East. Our respected team are ready to accommodate you with a professional service and competitive prices.

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