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Glass partition walls Kent.

Want to spruce up your interior design while keeping things minimal yet functional? Not a problem at all. With glass partitions expert Sapphire Refurbishments, you are guaranteed quality glass partition installations that meet your specific needs.

Glass partitions help to define and manage space in a commercial environment such as an office reception area or modern hotel foyer. Quality and safety are two important reasons to work with a reputable company offering glass partitions in Kent. At Sapphire Refurbishments, our glass partitioning helps turn your modern open space into more defined spaces that can serve multiple purposes at a time. Our high-quality glass partition walls deliver the perfect solution for space management. Every project we take on looks great and delivers functionality and efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Whether it’s single-glazed glass partitions or double-glazed, served-glass, frosted privacy, sound-proof or switchable, Sapphire Refurbishments is the glass partition installer to go to. Let us help you reimagine your open space and create more spellbinding spaces with our glass partitions.

Glass partition wall office Kent

Types of glass partitions?

There are different types of glass partitions, and as one of the leading glass partition installers, Sapphire Refurbishments offers some of them.
Learn more about the types of glass partitions Kent that we offer.

Single glazed partitions

Single-glazed partitions typically have glass pans with thicknesses of between 10mm and 12mm. This is one of the most affordable office glass partitions, and our team can install this with very minimal disruptions to your daily operations. Single-glazed partitions are mostly used to divide open-plan offices, homes and retail environments, with the transparency of the glass planes allowing a healthy flow of light through the divided areas. This option is suitable for you if you are not looking to spend heavily on office glass partitions.

Sound proof glass partitions

If you are the type who loves some silence and are looking to install glass partitions Kent, soundproof glass partitions are your best bet. These glass partitions ensure you block all sounds so you can concentrate and carry out your daily activities without distractions from outside the partitioned room.

You can have soundproof partitions with single-glazed and double-glazed partitions. We simply add a soundproof glass to give you more noise reduction.

Double glazed partitions

Double-glazed partitions look similar to single-glazed partitions, but the difference is in the details.

Rather than have a single sheet of glass with 10mm to 12mm thickness, double-glazed partitions use two sheets of glass that are bonded together into a single sheet of 10mm to 12mm thickness.

This results in the better sound insulation that double-glazed glass walls have over single-glazed glass walls.

Curved glass partitions

Curved glass partitions are mostly used for aesthetic purposes. They are usually curved and offer a distinct appearance for your office space. With curved office glass partitions, you get to give your space a breath of fresh air that sets it apart from many other office spaces. Our team of experienced glass partition installers can bring your vision to life. You just need to contact us to learn more.

Switchable glass partitions

Switchable glass partitions are used to create stylish partitions. These partitions allow you to switch between clear glass and opaque glass with a single touch of a button. They give you the flexibility of enjoying 100% privacy and an open space with enough illumination at the same time.

Frosted privacy glass

If privacy is the most important to you, frosted privacy glass may be your best option. With frosted privacy glass, no one gets to see what’s happening in your private space. Our team of office glass installers can help you put up the best frosted privacy glass to keep you away from prying eyes and gazes.

Local glass partition installers in Kent.

Glass partitions have been used for years to create multiple spaces out of an open space. They help make a space more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Sapphire Refurbishments has a team of professional and experienced glass partition installers in Kent, and we ensure our customers receive the best all the time.

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Glass partition office Kent

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