Office Partition walls London.

Office Partition walls London.

In any office environment, adaptability is highly-prized; no more so then when it comes to the environment itself. Whereas home design relies on having rooms with specific purposes, a great office is fluid and able to morph its space to change the ever-changing needs of a modern business.

Sometimes you will want your whole team together for important meetings and creative sessions, other times there will be a need for privacy or an area where you can carry out discussions with clients without the noise from the office floor interrupting your important conversation.

Folding partitions, movable wall systems and glass partitions are essential space solutions that many of the top companies use to make their space dynamic, versatile and contemporary.

Wall Partitioning in office London

Sapphire Refurbishments - the only company worth considering for office space solutions..

Sapphire Refurbishments was established in 1998 and have been excelling in providing innovative solutions for businesses, schools and international corporations ever since.

We've built a reputation for offering truly bespoke services and for being a leading authority in London wall design and installation. Our team of movable wall specialists have priceless experience in creating space solutions, and as a company we boast a solid portfolio of satisfying the complex needs of hundreds of clients.

Experts in using space creatively and renowned for outstanding customer service, our vast knowledge, unmatched professionalism and comprehensive service is what has given our customers a great experience for over 30 years.

For businesses in need of sliding folding partitions, acoustic movable walls, and operable walls which maximise space, Sapphire Refurbishments offer many different options which are built from the highest-grade materials and hung by our team of experts.

Our team offers a free, no-obligation quote and a complimentary site visit so we can give you the best possible advice for your project.

Contact us now to make an enquiry about our moveable wall systems and what you're looking to achieve and we can get to work on the ideal solution.

Wall partitions London

Sapphire Refurbishments - specialists in movable wall systems.

Sapphire Refurbishments have been operating for over 30 years, offering a huge range of services to our clients in the UK. We're specialists in movable walls, partition walls, operable walls and sliding folding partitions.

Every installation comes with our commitment to customer satisfaction and are built with the very best materials available. We can work to your specific needs to ensure that our solution is entirely fit for purpose and we have meticulous attention to detail. We don't just install, we also carry out maintenance on your movable walls .

Your every need can be met by Sapphire Refurbishments when it comes to transforming spaces and adapting their form to best suit your needs.

Wall partitions London

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Sapphire Refurbishments is passionate about providing quality services and satisfying our clients in every project. We pay special attention to detail, which is expected from any company that has many years of expertise under its belt.

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