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Studies have shown that the layout and design of the workplace plays a huge role in the productivity of a team and their feelings of contentment.

A fresh and airy office space is the breeding ground for new ideas. A dull and drab office is miserable and generally unenjoyable. A workforce that feel comfortable, and are in an environment that has been properly primed for them to do their best work, report higher feelings of satisfaction and happiness in the workplace. And, after all, who doesn't want an enthusiastic and motivated team?

Similarly, it's no secret that customers, clients and visitors to your office like to feel relaxed and welcome when they come in for meetings or to discuss important business. Having a space set aside for these interactions is not enough if that space looks dated, has garish wallpaper, cliche framed quotes on the wall and peeling paint.

Your office should be a space that is just as enjoyable to inhabit as your home. It should make you feel proud to walk through it and you should know that it reflects your brand, its values and the quality of the product or service you provide.

When you consider how much time you spend in the office, why wouldn't you invest in making it as pleasant and functional as possible? For yourself, your clients and your employees.

Office Fit Out Essex

Office Fit Out Specialists in Essex

Ever since we started many years ago, our policy has been to work closely with our clients and to take the time to truly understand their individual requirements, budget and brand. After having this deep dive, our team will be equipped with all they need to apply their enviable wealth of expertise and skills into creating office fit outs with a modern interior, stylish and useful features and a long-lasting finish.

We aim to serve you during the design process and then follow through on the next steps to ensure every client is elated with the complete service we provide for them. If there's any way we can take the stress out of office refurbishments for our clients, we will. You can gain total peace of mind that every office fit carried out by Sapphire Refurbishments will be efficient, built to exceed your expectations and will create minimal disruption to you and your business.

Office Fit Out Company Essex

How we support our clients with office refurbishment projects in Essex.

We know that temporarily halting your operations for an office refurbishment can be a daunting and unappealing thought. However, your current office design may be having a bigger impact on your business than you think. Taking the time to make the investment into a new office fit, needn't be complicated or worrisome. Our services are designed to take as much planning and stress out of the equation for you, providing an all in one solution to limit the time it takes to overhaul your office as well as keeping costs down.

Project management.

We take ownership of the entire office refurbishment, handling all the elements from start to finish. We begin by discussing your anticipated style, budget, needs and requirements. Next, we take you through the design process making plenty of helpful suggestions along the way. At this stage, we will also try and foresee any potential hurdles and work on devising efficient solutions. We keep our clients thoroughly updated during the construction process and are always available for aftercare when the commercial fit project has been completed.

Office Partitioning.

Your office building doesn't have to be restricted by the solid walls. We can easily create new partitions during your refurbishment, introducing new meeting spaces into your Essex office interior. These can be acoustically enhanced partitions, demountable partitions and even frameless partitions; giving you a reserved space to work on projects in peace, hold important stakeholder meetings or have a room where your team can relax.

Bespoke Joinery.

Whether you need a high-grade custom desk for your reception area, desks and furniture for meeting spaces or simply skirting boards. Our carpenters have extensive experience in creating furniture for office space and can craft whatever you have in mind.

Specialist Storage Solutions.

Equally, we can develop storage facilities that utilise existing space without wasting+ an inch. Have your storage areas seamlessly blend with the rest of your office and give you free roam of how you make best use of the remaining areas.

Suspended Ceilings.

Suspended ceilings deliver a whole host of benefits and no new office is really complete without one. You can expect better insulation, a level of fire protection, sound reduction and an overall cheerier feel to your office owing to their naturally light-reflecting properties. That's all on top of the fact that they perfectly disguise the innards of your business; things like pipes, cables and even air conditioning.

Installation of New Flooring.

We really do work from the ground up when we undertake an office refurbishment. We supply and fit the full range of flooring including wooden, laminate and carpet.

Artisanal Office Furniture.

Need something custom made and unique to your office? It's no task for our carpenters and joiners to make specialist furniture. Simply tell us what you want and let their expertise do the rest.

Office Decorating.

As with any redesign, the finishing touches are what give the final flourish. Our decorating is always to the highest possible standard and we can offer you the full range of colours, materials and finishes to suit your preferences and personal style.

Take advantage of just a selection or all of the above services to breathe some much needed new life into your office.
Speak to our specialists today to find out more and get started.

New Offices in Essex.

As well as carrying out full office makeovers, we also love blank canvas which allows us to create something from scratch.

If you've just acquired or moved into a new business premises in Essex, we can make it your own by offering the full range of refurbishment services as you require.

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