Suspended Ceilings West London.

Suspended Ceilings West London.

A suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is suspended from the ceiling structure of a building. It hangs down from the main ceiling. It is also called a dropped or false ceiling.

Suspended ceilings are prominent in commercial spaces, though they are also used in the home. They give your office space a smooth finish and also improve the aesthetic features of the room. Suspended ceilings come in a variety of finishes, so you can choose whatever fits your needs.

Suspended Ceiling Frame West London

Suspended ceiling contractors in West London.

Working with the wrong suspended ceiling contractor can cost you more than you budgeted. On the flip side, a reliable contractor will make the job easier and neater. Since the ceiling installation is a one-time investment, you want it done well.

Sapphire are suspended ceiling contractors in West London that provides expert installation services. Our experienced team can fit a wide range of suspended ceiling systems in any ceiling design. Our professional team has installed suspended ceilings in different kinds of buildings like offices and industrial spaces.

With our wealth of knowledge, we can advise you on the best type of suspended ceiling for your space. We also help you achieve that beautiful look you wish for your space by choosing the perfect suspended ceiling that will blend into your workspace.

At Sapphire, we care about your preferences, so we sit with you and plan out your ceiling design to fit your budget. We will also do a free survey of your premises and offer a free quote at a competitive price. When fitting your suspended ceiling, we properly manage time without compromising the quality of our services.

Suspended Ceiling Cost West London

Should you have a suspended ceiling installed?

Depending on your preferences and needs, you might want to install a suspended ceiling in your office space.
Some of the reasons you might want to install a suspended ceiling in West London are:

Fire safety & protection

Some suspended ceilings can provide fire protection. So, if you need protection in a fire escape room or a fire-resistance floor, you can install a suspended ceiling that has been tested to be resistant to fire. It must also retain its structural integrity for about 30-60 minutes.

Thermal Insulation

Suspended ceilings help reduce energy bills by trapping warm air. Since the room height is reduced, it reduces the space that requires heating. A suspended ceiling reduces heat loss compared to the main ceiling, which can make the room much colder.

Ventilation & humidity resistance

Moisture and humidity resistance is essential in rooms where moisture is present, and ventilation is restricted. Treated suspended ceilings can be used in bathrooms and kitchens where mould, mildew, and bacteria can grow.

Noise suppression

In office spaces, noise can be very distracting hence, the need for suspended ceilings with acoustic functions. Noise suppression is one of the benefits of suspended ceilings. Acoustically suspended ceilings help to soundproof a room and reduce unwanted sound. This makes them the best solution for workspaces and industrial spaces.

Brightened Interior

Suspended ceilings create the impression of more space, making the room look bigger. Some suspended ceilings, like the white coloured panels, have high reflective qualities that help bounce and reflect light more than traditional ceilings.

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