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Are you in search of glass partitions in London? Looking to add flair to your interior design while keeping things minimal yet effective? Let Sapphire Refurbishments transform your space with our highly rated glass room dividers and frameless glass doors.

Our framed glass partitions create beautiful, open spaces that let natural light stream through and create a magnificent atmosphere, all while still allowing for different areas to be privately split off. We are specialists for all kinds of glass office partitions in London and guarantee to give you an ideal solution for any need you may have.

From single-glazed to double-glazed systems, curved glass to frosted privacy, soundproof to switchable glass, Sapphire Refurbishments is the premier glass partition installer. Get in touch with us today and learn how we can transform your space by crafting a fresh and contemporary atmosphere.

If you need more clarification on what glass partitioning is and if they're right for you, let us explain briefly. A glass partition is a type of wall made of glass, typically used to divide a room or space while still allowing natural light to pass through. Glass room dividers can also make use of glass doors for a seamless, stylish design.

Due to their many advantages, they are commonly used in offices, restaurants, and other public places to create separate areas while keeping an open, airy feel. Glass partitions are also often used in homes to create a more modern aesthetic.

Glass partitions offer numerous benefits, including allowing for an open concept space while still providing separation, creating an airy and modern atmosphere, and allowing natural light to filter through.

A glass office can be built to add a level of privacy and visual interest to the space. What's also great about glass partitions is they require minimal maintenance and are relatively easy to clean.

Glass partition wall office London

We fit glass partition walls in your London office.

At Sapphire Refurbishments, we provide a selection of glass office partitions to suit your individual needs.

Single-Glazed Partitions

Single-glazed partitions feature glass panes ranging from 10mm to 12mm thick. These are commonly used to create separation between open-plan offices, homes, and retail spaces while allowing natural light to pass through.

Double-Glazed Partitions

Rather than a single pane of 10-12mm thick glass, double-glazed partitions take it a step further by bonding two sheets of glass together to form a single 10-12mm pane, providing better sound insulation.

Curved Glass Partitions

Curved glass partitions curve gracefully, adding an unexpected twist to any space and creating a stunning display of light and shadow. They provide a unique aesthetic to your office space, creating a refreshing atmosphere that will make it stand out from other workspaces.

Switchable Glass

Switchable glass partitions offer the convenience of transitioning from 100% privacy to a transparent space with just the press of a button. This allows you to quickly and easily switch between clear and opaque glass.

Soundproof Glass Partitions

Soundproof glass partitions are the ideal solution for creating a distraction-free environment. These partitions can be fitted with either single-glazed or double-glazed glass, both offering excellent sound insulation.

Frosted Privacy Glass

This type of glass partition offers the security you need to ensure your privacy is respected. If you value privacy, frosted glass office partitions are a perfect choice.

Local glass partition wall installers in London.

For the perfect office glass partitions in London, trust Sapphire Refurbishments. We have installed industry-leading glass partition walls in London since 1998.

Our team of professionals have years of experience and understand exactly what it takes to create your ideal partition solution. So if you're looking for glass partitioning in London, give us a call today for a free quote on your installation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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