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Shop Refurbishment in London.

The heart of your bricks and mortar retail business lies in how well your shop has been fitted. With a need for functionality and security as well as being inviting for your customers, a well-fitted shop attracts customers and encourages them to spend money.

Effective use of space and a smart design, not only allows easy navigation and shopping for your customers but can also say a lot about your company’s brand and values - this is especially the case when it comes to service-based businesses such as barbers and salons. The reputation of some of the most instantly recognisable companies is born out of their intelligent shop design and unique style.

If you have a new retail space that needs to be equipped with all of the fixtures and fittings that enable you to trade, you will need the assistance and knowledge of professional London shopfitters such as Sapphire Refurbishments.

We’ve been helping our clients since 1998 and over that time have built a reputation for being a trusted and highly-skilled team of expert shopfitters.

Shop Fit Out London

Shop Fitting Services.

Few people appreciate that a shop’s fittings are just as much of an asset as the stock they sell or the service they provide. We believe that you should invest in your shopfitting with the same degree of consideration and prize it as highly as your marketing, inventory and your staff.

Being both a tangible and intangible asset, a great fit out not only provides the necessities for transacting but actually enhances the experience for your customers; creating an environment where they feel fully informed about what you are selling and entirely motivated to buy it.

That being said, functionality is of fundamental importance - what good is a shiny new shop front when the roof inside is leaking or the lights sporadically turn off due to a wiring fault?

That’s why we cover everything that’s involved with fitting out new commercial premises. Our clients can attest that everything we do is of exceptionally high standard and complies with all safety regulations and quality benchmarks.

We can provide and install:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrics
  • Drainage
  • Carpentry/ joinery
  • Painting
  • Decorating
  • Flooring
  • Fire safety
  • General building
  • Door & window fitting
  • Kitchen fitting
  • Tiling
  • Sign fitting
  • Lighting
  • Ceilings/ suspended ceilings

Unlike other London shop fitters, we offer a complete solution to shop owners, making Sapphire Refurbishment your go-to solution. Get the ball rolling today and contact us for your free no obligation quote.

Our experts provide shop fitting services in the UK, areas include;

Shop Fitters Essex, Shop Fitters Kent, Shop Fitters London & Shop Fitters North London
Shop Fit Out & Design London

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