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Suspended ceilings, also known as false ceilings or dropped ceilings, are being used increasingly in many different commercial and industrial spaces to replace existing ceiling systems and due to the wealth of benefits they offer. With attractive features such as noise-reduction and better building insulation (to name but a few) a suspended ceiling is just as useful in an office space as it is in a school, retail and even in hospitals.

Cost-effective, minimalist and practical - suspended ceilings work to hide the unsightly view of an unfinished hard ceiling, overhead wires or pipes that, although an important part of a building, improve the visual appeal of a space when they’re tucked away behind ceiling tiles. In keeping with the theme of sensory relief, suspended ceiling systems also serve to improve the acoustics of the room they're fitted in - acting as a sound barrier to reduce noise generated from foot traffic above and absorbing sound waves by adopting the same principles and materials used in professional music recording booths.

In simple terms, a suspended ceiling installation is a secondary ceiling that sits below the existing ceiling of a room. Reducing the ceiling height in this way and the clever use of specially-made materials. such as the ceiling tiles, is what creates the advantageous insulation improvement - preventing the heat in the room from escaping as it rises, coupled with a reduced space in which it can rise. This energy-efficient upgrade does come with the drawback in that by reducing the ceiling height you are, well, reducing the ceiling height, which will make a small room feel even smaller.

We believe, and many customers agree, that this marginal space reduction is far outweighed by all of the benefits listed above as well as the easy access to wires and pipes, a cleaner and fresher looking ceiling and the light-reflection properties of the tiles.

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With all of these winning features, it’s easy to forget that a suspended ceiling installation is only ever as good as the company that installs it. Building an overhead construction comes with the obvious and imperative requirement for it to be safe and secure.

It’s of paramount importance that your installers are experienced, fully trained and knowledgeable - fortunately for you, that’s exactly what the Sapphire Refurbishments team are; we’re also friendly and professional, too!

Our experts have installed suspended ceilings in a huge range of buildings and industries. Priding ourselves on our efficiency, we work quickly and quietly to ensure minimum disruption to your working environment - allowing you to get on with what you do whilst we do the same. We can install them as part of a larger refurbishment or as a standalone project.

Sapphire Refurbishments are leading suspended ceiling providers in Essex and are well-versed in all aspects of design, build and construction for your new ceiling and ceiling tiles.

Our reputation for customer excellence is built from our 25 years in the business. What’s more, we also offer a free no obligation quote to customers following an examination of their current setup.

Benefits of suspended ceilings.

Suspended ceilings present you with a whole host of benefits that will serve you for many years to come.

Every suspended ceiling installation by Sapphire Refurbishments is guaranteed to offer you:

  • Improved lighting - the reflective surface of the tiles will significantly improve the brightness of any room.
  • Noise suppression - as we have touched on previously, a dropped ceiling inhibits the transference of noise offering a peaceful and calm environment.
  • Tidiness and clean design - concealing all of the inner-workings of your business, but still keeping them accessible as they sit out of sight and out of mind behind smart and clean panels.
  • Fire resistance and protection - fire retardant materials stifle flames giving you improved safety as well as peace of mind.
  • Thermal insulation - keep the warmth in and make your space more energy efficient with one of our custom-fitted suspended ceilings.
  • Humidity resistance and ventilation - improve the air quality and comfort of a room by adding ventilation to your suspended ceiling installation.
  • Lower costs - suspended ceilings are an affordable way to tidy up a rough looking ceiling and bring warmth, quiet and light along with it.
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